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Allergy Testing

            • Skin Prick Testing

– May or may not be medically indicated, depending on the consultation with your specialist.

– When indicated our specialist nurse will perform the test during your initial appointment. The test involves placing the potential allergen on your child’s forearm in the form of a liquid protein extract or as a fresh food source. Soft pressure (slight scratch) is applied through the allergen to ensure contact with the allergen with the top layer of the skin. Most children will find this painless but some may find the procedure uncomfortable. If your child is allergic the response will show as a wheal (hive) within 15 mins of the test application. No needles are used in skin prick testing.

            • Blood tests

– As with skin prick testing, a blood test may or may not be indicated.

– If your specialist recommends a blood test we will ask for this test to be performed in a particular laboratory. This is due to the very specific, detailed nature of these tests which unfortunately cannot be performed by GPs or non-specialised laboratories.