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Hydrogen Breath test

This is an available test for GPs and patients (adults & children).
The hydrogen breath test is a simple medical test that measures hydrogen gas levels in exhaled breath.
These measurements are used to assist your GP or other healthcare provider to diagnose common digestive problems such as SIBO, IBS and lactose intolerance.

This hydrogen breath test will confirm or rule out one of two conditions:
• Intolerance to a specific sugar, such as lactose or fructose.
• Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).
This occurs when there is an abnormal increase in the overall bacterial population in the small intestine.

How does the hydrogen breath test work?

If you’ve ever experienced gas in your belly from indigestion such as bloating, swelling, painful movement of the gas through your digestive system or the uncomfortable process of flatulating then that gas was likely at least part hydrogen. This is caused by fermentation; anaerobic gut bacteria digesting sugars and carbohydrates in your gut.
These bacteria are supposed to live in your colon, but when there is an excessive amount in your small intestine they will reach your colon undigested and they will convert into gas.
This gas is absorbed into your blood after which it is carried into your lungs and exhaled.

The hydrogen breath test will measure the hydrogen levels in your exhaled breath after consuming a particular sugar. This is how our specialist can deduce how your digestion is working.