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Each child is unique.
Depending on the needs of your child you can expect the following:

Case history: The dietitian  will review the completed paperwork returned (if applicable) and discuss your child’s feeding, growth and development, health and medical background with you and ask additional questions.

Trial strategies: As part of the observation, the dietitian may offer some recommendations or strategies to trial with your child at the time.

Feedback, advice, medical and therapy plan:  The dietitian will then discuss your child’s allergies, feeding difficulties, growth and your concerns with what was observed and discovered about your child’s feeding from the assessment. You will receive recommendations for moving forward to improve feeding.

Assessment Summary Report: After the assessment is completed a dietetic report  summarising all of the sections above and treatment recommendations will be completed .

Follow Up: Depending on the need of your child, your child  will be reviewed after an agreed period to assess progress.

*Does not involve management of General Paediatric Consultant