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1. Is the Skin Prick Test painful?

There is very little discomfort and the risk of systemic reactions is minimal if testing is performed correctly

2. How long will an allergy consultation with testing last?

Approximately 45 mins

3. Will my child need a follow-up consultation?

Not always. If a follow-up is recommended your specialist will inform you. Follow-up consultations are
performed either virtually or in person depending on your child’s specific needs.

4. What if my child is sick on the day of the appointment?

If you do not feel your child is well enough to attend the clinic please contact us and we will reschedule the appointment.

5. Can my child take his/her usual medication?

Yes, they can continue to take their usual medication; this includes nasal sprays and inhalers. However, DO NOT administer ANY antihistamines for 7 days prior to the appointment.

6. What if I accidentally give my child an antihistamine?

Unfortunately, we cannot perform the test if antihistamines are taken. If you accidentally administer one please contact the clinic and we will reschedule the appointment.

7. Can my child take antihistamines before SLIT immunotherapy?

Yes, they can continue taking antihistamines including the day the treatment commences.

8. What do my child’s blood test results mean?

The blood test results assist us in planning your child’s future care. They are helpful regarding your child’s allergy prognosis e.g. if blood test results are improving over a period of time your child may be a candidate for further interventions like an oral food challenge in the hospital setting.

9. Do I need a referral to attend the Allergy Clinic?

You can self-refer via our online application form HERE or your GP can email/send a referral letter to

10. Where can we park?

There is private paid parking available in front of the clinic.